What To Wear The Morning Of - Girlfriend Are You Prep Ready?

Angie Jane Elizabeth on 15th Mar 2020

Angie Je - Floral Satin Robe

Photo byIcefeatherwind Photography Makeup byAdam Buechner

Starting your big day off with the support of your gorgeous bridesmaids by your side will be the best start to your day… (but what to wear?) It doesn’t need to be a challenge as ANGIE JE has the perfect solution for you and we would love you to be able to feel comfortable and confident when preparing for your special day. (or adventurous and bold!!)

We have the most luxurious robes, lingerie and lounge wear for you and your bridesmaids to make the beginning of the first day of the rest of your life feel special!

                                                            Angie Je - Bridal Robe with Embroidery

So, we have a few ideas to help you make your decision about what you would like to wear whilst you and your bridesmaids are getting your hair and makeup done.

Whatever you choose to wear remember it will need to be comfortable, relaxing and photo ready!

So, let’s have some fun and show you a few options we have available to get your ‘big’ day started!

1.Satin Robes

For the more traditional choice of pre-wedding prep, we have luxurious satin robes for you and your bridesmaids to choose from. We even have for the bride a stunning white satin robe to with ‘Bride’ embroidered on the back in stunning silver (I know right). Our stunning range of satin robes can be matching, or mix matched it is totally your creation. Check it out girlfriend…

                                  iCollection - Burgundy Satin Robe  Angie Je - Blue Floral Design

2. Matching Chemises

Well tick we have available matching satin chemises and robes for you and your bridesmaids to hang out and get ready in. Photos of you and your bridesmaids will be STUNNING! Memories to last you a lifetime, not to mention heaps of fun and laughter to be had!

                                   Angie Je - Peacock Satin Chemise  Angie Je - Marina Satin Robe

3.Romper Suits

Romper suits / jumpsuits / cami and short sets…well they are just super fun for everyone…a cute and comfortable way to enjoy your morning lounging in anticipation for your big day. We have some super luxe designs for you to try...

                                    Angie Je - Lucia Black Rompersuit  Angie Je - Beatrice Teal Romper

4. Chiffon Button-Down Shirts

For a different look for the bolder and more adventurous, we have soft chiffon button-down shirts for you and your bridesmaids to wear when preparing for your big day. (a little bit peek a boo!). So, for a bit of naughty fun the button-down shirt might just be right for you and your girls! Up for adventure on your big day…

                                                       Angie Je - London Chiffon Button Down Shirt

5. Boho Chic

A stunning boho chic style for the morning of is our gorgeous soft lace robes, chemises and romper suits for you and your bridesmaids. For the glam boho chic style for your big day, these will be perfect for you…

                                    Angie Je - Lycra and lace Chemise  Angie Je - Sherry White Robe

So, to help you prepare for the biggest day of your life…Did we mention photos, photos, photos…we are here to make sure you and your girls are primped and primed and ready to go!