2020 Chic Wedding Trends

Angie Jane Elizabeth on 26th Jul 2020

Welcome to 2020, a new decade awaits full of wonderful memories. If your big day is coming up then 'congratulations' as we have put together 7 chick wedding trends to get you inspired. We have also included further thought provoking inspiration through our links. (We did a little bit of homework for you). 

Wedding in 2020 are more personalised and all about you, as there is no wedding that one fits all. So...personalise, personalise and personalise your big day!

1. Bold Colour

Colour, colour, colour…will be one of the biggest trends this year. Think pinks, reds, purples...the Pantone colour of the year is ‘classic blue’ a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity.  Is 'classic blue' for your wedding day?

Mix 'n' match the ‘classic blue’ to complement with white, neutrals and earth tones, we are thinking mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses, even flowers, food and décor.

  Angie Je - Beatrice Teal Satin & Lace Robe  

We love our beautiful Beatrice teal satin and lace robe for that something 'blue'.

2. Green Vibes

Eco-friendly and sustainability expectation will influence what is trending in wedding planning. You can assist when planning your wedding by having a more sustainable approach from the food to the flowers.

Wedding venues are looking to become more sustainable, with providing local produce and reusable greenery and flowers. How you can have an  'eco-friendly' wedding?

When booking your florist, check to see if your florist is eliminating the use of flower foam or oasis (which is bad for the environment) from their creations, in favour of other options like recycling your florals, using dried flowers mixed with fresh flowers or lush ferns and potted plants for décor. 

3. Intimate

Thinking about having a smaller more intimate wedding? You may be considering scaling down your wedding for quality over quantity. If you are considering a scaled down micro wedding (think 40 guests or less) with only your closest nearest and dearest. We have a few ideas that might help you make your final decision on a more intimate and personal  'micro' wedding day just for you!

4. Interactive Food & Drink

To ensure your guests feel welcome and engaged include interactive food and drink options, such as letting your guests become their own mixologist by creating their own customised drinks by including a specialist bar area or sensory station, a personalised cocktail hour for you and your guests to enjoy!

5. Fashion

Are you looking to be a traditional or non-traditional bride? The more traditional wedding gowns are being put aside, in favour of something more personal, to suit your own personal style, maybe add a pop of colour, have fun and experiment.

For your bridesmaids…wait for it ... this year trending for your bridesmaids will see them wearing a pantsuit or tuxedo – or mismatching dresses. Think about letting your bridesmaids choose what they would like to wear for a bit of eclectic fun.

  Angie Je - Tess Royal Blue Jumpsuit

Our royal blue jumpsuit will be a fun way to start your day!                                

6. Videography

Videography is becoming more popular to work in collaboration with your photographer. So, if you are looking for a way to capture your special day, to relive again and again, this option would suit you.

Drones are becoming increasingly more popular to utilise for group and venue shots from above. This can all be edited to music and created to suit the look and style of your wedding day, so the magic of the day can be captured from all angles.

7. Unique Performances

Personalise your wedding day with interactive moments throughout the day, to wow your guests. Think of how you can engage your guests by including amazing music collaborations, acrobats, fire twirlers and much more that go way beyond DJ's. Focus on your guests experience by including them more actively in the wedding procedures.

Well we hope we have given you some inspiration through our 7 chic wedding trends for 2020, please make sure you click on our links above for more inspirational ideas. 

 It’s all about making memories that last, so make sure your special day is the one  that you have  created for you to tell your love story!